About Sacred Music Radio

Sacred Music Radio is an Internet radio station specifically designed to showcase sacred music from around the world. We aim to broadcast sacred music from the world’s religions using the exciting new medium of Internet radio! Thereby promoting harmony between the world religions. Let us all be moved by the sacred music which was inspired by the masters, saints and prophets who have inspired humanity, whatever religion we practice, if any).

Sacred Music Radio is the first Internet radio station designed specifically for people who appreciate excellent quality sacred music.

Sacred Music Radio supports musicians and labels. It has been carefully created to promote record companies and recording artists and help them sell their music.

We give exposure and airplay to a genre of music which is not currently available. Artists can be promoted and featured to a discerning audience. This exposure is sadly lacking in mainstream broadcasting.

We constantly display the title and artist and album name for the song that’s playing, to enable listeners to purchase the CD and display the CD covers of the last few songs played, with each cover linking to the appropriate Amazon page for purchasing that CD.

We usually stream at 186 kbps, which makes for an outstanding quality Internet radio station.

We are always happy to work with record labels to help promote new releases provided that the music matches our criteria for sacred music.

We only play a limited number of tracks from any CD to encourage people to purchase the CD.

We are fully licensed by PRS and PPL.

Who We are

The founders of Sufi Radio have been inspired by the teaching of the Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan and between them have over fifty years experience incorporating his teachings into their lives.


Our intention is to survive and flourish, growing organically in the coming years.

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