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Sacred Music Radio,

is now owned and run by the  Abrahamic Reunion England.

 A perfect union.

Peace Through Music. Enjoy peace and relaxation through some of the world’s most beautiful music. 

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We play music from the Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths as well as music which is a mixture of different faiths and music not directly connected with any religion. Whether through Hindu mantras and bhajans, Buddhist and Muslim chanting or Christian choral and gospel spirituals, world sacred music shares the purpose of transcending, uniting, and elevating the human spirit. Recent research by the Schulich School of Music, University in Montreal, Québec, indicates that people's response to music "transcends different cultures as it emotionally affects diverse cultures in the same way".


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http://www.abrahamicreunionengland.org. The Abrahamic Reunion is bringing peace  between the religious communities of the Holy Land and is active in several other countries. 



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Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan (نور عنایت خان)


Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan


 Music is the language of the soul and therefore it communicates to us something that could never be communicated in words.