Lightsong Sufi Circle and Retreats

“Every moment is the chance of a lifetime”   – Pir Vilayat



Zenith Institute Summer Meditation Camps

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For many years people from different countries have come to the  mountains of Ticino to seek direct experience of Truth. They are from all faiths and none have come to ask the eternal questions of life.

Every year an open and intimate space is created to enable seekers to obtain deep relaxation and emerge refreshed and healed.



Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival

The Jerusalem sacred music festival is an invitation to the people from all over the world of different faiths and religions to unite and celebrate this sacred music festival. The festival will be for 4 days where one can enjoy performances from Israel and some new original productions from around the world. Jerusalem itself is a city of sacred music where you can hear a lot of prayers, hymns, spiritual music etc. These four days of the festival are dedicated to music, songs, dance and other performances by the artists coming from various countries. Musicians of many religions from different parts of the world will come and create a sacred environment for four days at this festival which will give you an ultimate experience of peace, harmony, brotherhood, and bliss. It is a festival where you can strengthen your faith for the soul and connect to your own spiritual self through music. Also the venue where the festival will be celebrated is quiet close to spirituality since it has thousand years old caves, churches, etc. So come and experience your true inner peace and bliss at this year’s Jerusalem sacred music festival that is organized by Jerusalem season of culture.

Where: The tower of David Museum in the old city by Jaffa Gate, Zedekiah’s cave near the Old city walls.