Sacred Music Radio; Launches New iOS App


According to recent research, 61% of US citizens and 72% of Brits now own smartphones. This highlights the vital role that new technologies play in contemporary communication, and here at Sacred Music Radio we’re moving with the times and launched a new iOS App so that people can listen to some of the most diverse interfaith and spiritual music easily on their smartphone.

We already have listeners all over the world in most continents; we have spread from only a few countries to right across the globe in the short time we’ve been broadcasting, and we predict that this new App will spread our audience even further by enabling people to listen to online radio on their mobiles.  Whether listeners are on a train, driving a car or heading out for an early morning jog, the new Sacred Music Radio app puts uplifting interfaith music at fingertip reach.

Our founder Michael Vakil added, “We are dedicated to spreading the joy of sacred, spiritual and religious music to all corners of the world. By harnessing the power of modern technology, our new app gives listeners across the globe an accessible and convenient way to feel empowered, energised and inspired.”

The Sacred Music Radio app can be downloaded for free: Apple iTunes Store:

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Sacred Music Radio – Bringing Religion and Healing together

When it was launched, Sacred Radio’s purpose was to preserve and spread spiritual and sacred music from all the worlds’ traditions and religions across the internet.  We believe that the power of music is strong and can be healing as well as enjoyable and we’re not the only ones that think so.

Integrative Psychotherapy said “Everyone has a response to music – it affects our minds, souls, bodies and emotions and has the power to transform lives. Music can help one learn to grieve and can soothe, relieve and bring peace even whilst one is within and amongst some of the most difficult of  human experiences and conflict.”

It’s said that music can improve physical health, and increase creativity as well as emotional and spiritual well-being.  But as well as a healing tool, spiritual music can also appeal to all religions.  When we launched the radio station we were hoping to reach all faiths, and it was great to see so many positive reviews across all the religions.  The Independent Catholic News stated we played “some of the world’s most beautiful sacred music”, and now that the station is grow with the help of our friends helping to keep the station up and running we’re soon launching our own app available to buy.

Stay tuned for more on how we plan to bring religion and healing together, and for the best interfaith music online listen in.


Why listen to Interfaith Music

Music is a part of most faiths, from Christian rock to Buddhist chanting. All of the different kinds of music are unique to their religion but they are all designed to unify the listeners as well as uplift and inspire. Whilst we may listen mainly to music within our own religion there’s a lot to be said for listening to a range of music from different faiths.

Listening to interfaith music is good for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a great way to get insights into other religions and enjoy aspects of their culture and faith.  Much religious and spiritual music reflects a tradition which might be new to us and it’s an ideal way to learn about other cultures.

Interfaith music can be listened to in so many different of environments, helping to create an uplifting atmosphere. Spiritual music can be ideal in a therapeutic environment like holistic and alternative therapy surroundings.

The internet has opened up a world of interfaith music, and you can listen to spiritual, religious and interfaith music online with online radios such as Sacred Music Radio. For more information on the kinds of music we play listen online, read about us or become a friend of Sacred Radio to choose the interfaith music that you love.