Sacred Music Radio – Bringing Religion and Healing together

When it was launched, Sacred Radio’s purpose was to preserve and spread spiritual and sacred music from all the worlds’ traditions and religions across the internet.  We believe that the power of music is strong and that religion and healing are enjoyable and we’re not the only ones that think so.

Integrative Psychotherapy said “Everyone has a response to music – it affects our minds, souls, bodies and emotions and has the power to transform lives. Music can help one learn to grieve and can soothe, relieve and bring peace even whilst one is within and amongst some of the most difficult of  human experiences and conflict.”

It’s said that music can improve physical health, and increase creativity as well as emotional and spiritual well-being.  But as well as a healing tool, spiritual music can also appeal to all religions.  When we launched the radio station we were hoping to reach all faiths, and it was great to see so many positive reviews across all the religions.  The Independent Catholic News stated we played “some of the world’s most beautiful sacred music”, and now that the station is grow with the help of our friends helping to keep the station up and running we’re soon launching our own app available to buy.

Stay tuned for more on how we plan to bring religion and healing together, and for the best interfaith music online listen in.


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